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By Noelia García

Because your weight does not determine your state of health but your habits do.

1. Nutritional Plan Without Training

- First interview to know your goals, habits and needs. (approx. 1h-1h and 30min).

- Delivery of the personalized plan and access to the App. (Between 2-5 days after the interview).

- Monitoring evaluation according to the objectives set (every 15 days). Delivery of a new personalized plan. (approx. 30-45 min).

- Support and accompaniment at all times. Through the App, email or WhatsApp (Monday to Friday).

1. Nutritional Plan Without Training


First consultation + 1st follow-up: 600

1 month (with 2 follow-ups): 455

Pack 3 months: 1100

5 month pack: 2200


First consultation + 1st follow-up: 955

1 month (with 2 follow-ups each): 700

2. Nutritional Plan with Training

- The same format as with the nutritional plan without training.

- It also includes: Interview with your personal trainer who will create a monthly training plan:

1. Adapted for any place: Home, Gym, Outdoors

2. Adapted for any sports practice.

3. Explanatory videos of each routine.

Monthly training:£30, which will be added to the query.


I would like to meet you so that I can accompany you and help you build the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.